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Upcoming Events

Our Workshops

We run workshops for the people in small businesses, on topics that are important to them. 

The workshops listed below were delivered to business owners in Liverpool in January to June 2024, funded by the city's Business and IP Centre through the Shared Prosperity Fund. Some of the feedback we received is shown. 

We'll be running them again soon - please get in touch if you're interested. Click on the images for further details. 

Tailor-made versions for your organisation can also be provided if required. 
Girl juggling_edited_edited.jpg

"Some useful ideas that we will use"

"Very interesting and engaging"

"Gained more confidence in how I'm managing the business"


"Lots of information, a good overview of the subject, and how to manage it"

"Helped me add context to several things I struggle with"



"Useful activities with aspects to help focus on me and also with my business"

"Enjoyed taking time to reflect in supportive group of like-minded people"

Squeezed image.png

"Really useful, got a lot out of it!"

"Understanding how to move from old ways to new ways"

"Helped me understand myself better"

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